Laurie Beachell to serve on Canada Revenue Agency’s Disability Advisory Committee

Bakerlaw congratulates Laurie Beachell on his selection for the Canada Revenue Agency’s Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). The DAC will serve as a forum for persons with disabilities to communicate their perspectives to the Canada Revenue Agency as it works to revise the way it administers the tax measures designed to support people with disabilities. More information on the DAC is available here (link).

Laurie is the former National Coordinator of the Council for Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and continues to provide invaluable assistance to bakerlaw by coordinating with its individual, group, and organizational clients to maintain effective communication, and by providing input concerning complex litigation.

Congrats, Laurie!

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  1. David H Blascik, CFP
    December 26, 2017

    Congratulations on your appointment to the Disability Advisory Committee.
    Mr. Beachell; I am a fee based Certified Financial Planner in Hamilton, Ontario. My centres of influence range from Personal Injury Lawyers to the Not for Profit sector.
    I am called upon to provide objective proof with respect to the severity of the disabled party’s claim for the Disability Tax Certificate. I do this by requesting a clinical history from the medical practitioner, which in most cases encompass a range of specialist reports specific to the patients impairments. On behalf of their patient, I then present the case for the DTC to the medical practitioner for their consideration.
    I have been an advocate for individuals with a disability for 10 years. I can categorical say that there has been some perceived accelerate be it news or false news within the medical community for them to determine eligibility for the DTC. As you are aware, in Buchanan v. The Queen 2001, the psychiatrist was censured by the judge of the Tax Court of Canada for informing his patient that people with bipolar disorder are not eligible for the DTC.
    As a result of the current non-compliance of physicians’ to fill out the DTC application the patient is put in a conundrum. The poisoning of the patient, physician relationship is a very real consideration. As a third party, I fully realize I can exacerbate this problem.
    Through the work of your committee, I hope that you can impress upon CRA to reach out to the different Medical bodies who in turn can educate their membership in their role as facilitators not gate keepers.

    David H Blascik, CFP