Autism Ontario’s Response to the K-12 Education Standards Development Committee Recommendations

  • November 8, 2021
  • BakerLaw

In October 2021, Autism Ontario released its response to the K-12 Education Standards Development Committee Recommendations. The Committee provided recommendations to the Ontario government for proposed accessibility standards for K-12 education, which covered nine broad themes:

  1. attitudes, behaviours, perceptions and assumptions
  2. awareness and training
  3. curriculum, assessment and instruction
  4. digital learning and technology
  5. organizational barriers
  6. social realms
  7. physical and architectural barriers
  8. planning for emergencies and safety framework
  9. timelines and accountability

You can review the Education Standards Development Committee’s Report here (link).

David Baker (link) and Amanda Dimilta (link) of Bakerlaw were pleased to contribute to Autism Ontario’s response.

You can review Autism Ontario’s response here (link).

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