“Know Your Rights” – Vaccine Equity Podcast

  • May 21, 2021
  • BakerLaw
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Bakerlaw’s David Baker (link) recently was a guest on the “Know Your Rights” segment of the Kelly and Company podcast – AMI-audio’s (link) daily live afternoon programming. On the podcast, he spoke with host Danielle McLaughlin about the inequitable roll-out of Ontario’s COVID vaccinations, and the impact that the inequitable vaccine roll-out is having on Ontarians with disabilities.

David discussed the Divisional Court’s recent ruling on the equity of the province’s current vaccine rollout and the possibility of the roll-out infringing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While the Court held that it did not have the jurisdiction to determine whether the Charter had in fact been infringed, the Court emphasized the importance of questions concerning equity in the face of the pandemic. You can read bakerlaw’s official statement regarding the Court’s decision here (link). You can read the Court’s full decision here (link).

David went on to speak about the particular difficulties individual’s with disabilities face in accessing the vaccine, the regional disparities in accessibility to the vaccine, and his hope for what this litigation can accomplish.

You can listen to the podcast here (link)

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