The Need to move Beyond Policy Remedies

  • April 25, 2019
  • BakerLaw

Persons with disability often face a Catch-22 when seeking funding from government assistance programs. To be eligible for the assistance programs, the applicants must show proof of a severe limitation in functional capacity. When an applicant can demonstrate this limitation, the funding they receive is based on the degree of limitation they face. In other words, the worse you are, the more funding you’ll receive. This also means that those persons with disability whose condition improve get penalized by these programs.

Sherri Torjman, a social policy consultant for Maytree, has prepared a publication related to these issues that persons of disability face when seeking social assistance. The report suggests ways to address these challenges, moving beyond short term solutions and policy remedies towards a framework that is rooted in human rights.

You can access this report here (link).

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