Proposal for the Changing Workplace Review Initiative

  • October 21, 2015
  • BakerLaw

David Baker and previous bakerlaw associate Meryl Gary (Lancaster House), Wade Poziomka (Ross & McBride LLP), and Karen Segal (Lancaster House) have together drafted a proposal regarding the Changing Workplaces Review. This Review was tasked with “engaging openly with Ontarians to consider actions that will support labour and employment law reforms” and with “building a fair and inclusive society”. This is to be done through the creation of jobs, protection of workers and increasing accessibility of Ontario. To see the full terms of reference for the Review click here (link to terms).

David Baker’s proposal provides the following recommendations:

  1. Retention of overtime protections and introduction of $15 minimum wage;
  2. Coverage for drugs, basic dental and extended health care;
  3. Universal disability insurance;
  4. Job Protection;
  5. Wrongful Dismissal;
  6. Access to Justice;
  7. Address the issue of rights without effective remedies;
  8. Barrier free Ontario by 2025;
  9. Employment equity;
  10. Severance Employers;
  11. Address the Temporary Foreign Workers issues; and
  12. Expansion of the protections afforded by employment.

For detailed explanations of the above recommendations, and to view the full proposal, click here (link to proposal).

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