Parents Call for Publicly Funded Treatment Beds for Addicted Teens

  • April 17, 2008
  • David Baker

The issue of adequate medical care for teens battling addiction has received significant media coverage in recent days. Bakerlaw frequently represents the families of teens with addictions who require out-of-country medical care (click here to learn more).

A selection of the recent coverage is included below:

Parents call for more programs for teens battling mental illness, addiction, by Lisa Priest, Globe and Mail, 2008/04/14 read article

Parents complain not enough publicly funded treatment beds for addicted teens, CBC/Canadian Press, 2008/04/14 read article

Not enough treatment beds for addicts: parents, CTV/Canadian Press, 2008/04/15 read article

More care urged for addicted teenagers, by Andrea Gordon, the Toronto Star, 2008/04/15 read article

Ontario’s empathy deficit, by Jim Coyle, Toronto Star, 2008/05/02 read article

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