IBI in Ontario Schools-Crowd Funding Initiative

  • April 13, 2016
  • Kimberly Srivastava

Recently we have been contacted by many regarding the Ontario autism program changes. We have another case already ongoing at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Through this case, we hope to set a precedent that students should be able to get IBI/ABA provided in schools as a form of accommodation. This would mean that eligible children would receive IBI/ABA through provincial funding and when they reach school age would have IBI/ABA provided to the intensity level they need in the school setting. This lead case could have huge implications to the way IBI/ABA is delivered in Ontario.

This case relates to earlier inquiries because rather than rely on waitlists and eligibility criteria to receive provincial funding through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, your child would receive the IBI/ABA support needed through the school system. If successful, this case would set a precedent that IBI/ABA should be provided in the school setting.

We have launched a crowd funding website to help finance this case. You can read more about the case and get to know Jack and his parents as well.


Please share this as widely as possible and donate what you can. The family is shouldering the burden in order to bring this case forward and would be grateful for any support you can offer.

Feel free to share this link with your networks and follow the campaign for updates!



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  1. Brittany Found
    April 14, 2016

    I love this because it’s something to help integrate especially in school. But I also would love if IBI was given before school age as well. I have a few questions. I was going to call today but my son (who is 2 and with ASD with hardly any verbal communication) and I had the flu.

  2. Brittany Found
    April 14, 2016

    Another thing I’d fight for is that Autism Spectrum Disorder should be added to the Mental Health Act.