Huronia Regional Centre Survivors Dissatisfied with Class-Action Results

  • August 4, 2020
  • Kimberly Srivastava

The Huronia Regional Centre was formerly an institution for persons with developmental disabilities. Residents were subjected to a multitude of abuses while residing at the Centre. These abuses ranged from physical, emotional and sexual. Former residents of the home brought a class-action lawsuit against the Province to secure some measure of justice for the abuses they endured at the Centre.

The matter was settled for $35 million. The article: HRC abuse victims struggled with class-action process, outcome (link), outlines some of the limitations that arise in class-action lawsuits. For example, in the HRC case, the maximum amount a former resident could recover is $42,000. For some, no amount of money could compensate them for the abuses they suffered. However, $42,000 as the maximum amount is understandably upsetting. The article outlines the limitations that arise when bringing a class-action lawsuit including how individual claimants have little control over the process and, those who are unaware of the proceeding are unable to bring claims later unless they become aware and “opt-out” of the proceeding within the timeframe allowed.

Bringing an individual case against a large, organizational respondent can be intimidating and may not be the right option for certain cases. However, we have experience in bringing large cases against respondents, including against the Province. Anyone looking to take on a big case should be aware of the limitations associated with class-actions and bringing an individual case on their own behalf so that they can make an informed decision as to how to proceed. Bakerlaw can help. Sign up for a consultation so we can discuss your legal issue, outline the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods of bringing a claim and discuss a retainer agreement if appropriate.

Big cases don’t have to be intimidating. Let us explain how (link).

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