Mistreatment of residents living in congregate care and/or treatment settings

  • November 4, 2021
  • BakerLaw

Content warning: Abuse of persons with disabilities

With social media and attention to shed light on the issue regarding abuse by a caregiver or support worker of a developmentally disabled person, it would be reasonable to assume that society has progressed to ensure safeguards are in place to prevent this mistreatment. Unfortunately, the terrible reality is that mistreatment of residents living in congregate care and/or treatment settings can happen and remains an ongoing issue. Particularly if the resident is unable to communicate effectively, it is important for families to be cautious and observant of caregivers and support workers to try to prevent such atrocities. Two such related stories can be found here (link) and here (link).

If you or someone you know who is disabled is being abused or mistreated by a caregiver or social worker and are in need of support, you can access resources here (link).

Bakerlaw represents persons with disabilities who have faced abuse at the hands of their caregivers. You can check out our work on this area here (link) and here (link).  

If you have a case you’d like to discuss on a confidential basis, contact our team here (link).

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