Bakerlaw – Leading Canadian Human Rights Decisions

Expert Advocacy

Where human rights or disability issues are at stake, bakerlaw is the advocate of choice. We have unique experience acting before specialized tribunals, including the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Health Services Appeal and Review Board, the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, the Special Education Tribunal of Ontario, the Social Benefits Tribunal, and regulatory colleges. We have produced precedent-setting decisions in many of these settings. For example, in a recent case before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (link), we achieved a landmark award of general damages for our client, an exception pupil, for discrimination suffered in the provision of educational services.

Of course, civil litigation is also a large part of our practice. Not only have we appeared before trial courts, but we also have a significant record of appellate advocacy at the federal and provincial level. This includes a proud and continuing tradition of advocacy before the Supreme Court of Canada.

A sampling of our cases include the following:

Supreme Court of Canada

Federal and Provincial Appellate Courts